Friday, June 19, 2009

AMG Return of the Monkey!

A year and half later...

... Our intrepid hero plays World of Warcraft. Gets good enough to down Illidan (the end boss man). Is among the roughly 5% of players in the world who have reached such heights. Our hero is saddened by his realization that this is not a societally relevant achievement.

... Our intrepid hero breaks the laws of Massachusetts and launches fireworks on the 4th of July. Using only consumer grade product, and with his brother, a display of aerial IEDs lights the night sky, in a spectacle which surpasses most local professional grade pyrotechnical displays. People cheer.

... Our intrepid hero has wandered the beaten path of engineering. Fork()ing off a little at work, he decides to investigate the amazing technology that is - Fuzzers. He writes one. The world is scarier.

... Our intrepid hero does manly married guy things and will be a father before the end of July.