Monday, October 22, 2007

Creative Solutions

I had an interesting conversation a few days ago with a friend. I used some seemingly mundane tricks of reverse engineering the Apple iTunes Music Store (R) communications protocol a few years back (2 years ago, actually). I figured they were rather mundane. Load a sniffer, sniff communications, snoop the binary for whatever strings I might use to fake a validator, and voila! His comment was that such actions constituted creative ways of solving the problem.

I'm not convinced on that. However, I _AM_ convinced that there are creative solutions available in the computing world. Just as there are literally hundreds of ways of representing the number 1 (integrals and differentiations) there are multiple creative ways of solving a problem in computer science.

My most creative solution? I'm not sure. I attempted to patent a resynchronization algorithm for A11 and MIP during error code 133. Airvana decided they didn't want that patent. Oh well. I also wrote a rather involved and cool A13 emulation tool (it would send all A13 messages, including the 2 new messages for A16 transfers).

The point in all this is, there should be a much more creative way of neural networking and AI than currently exists; I can't think of anything, but someone MUST be able to figure something out.

Oh well...this isn't one of my better rambles because I'm a little ill today. Hopefully, I can make some better updates tomorrow or the next day.

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