Friday, September 10, 2010

AMAZING new-technology, 30 years old!

So, I just got the Tektronix 2236 Oscilloscope. Within 30 minutes, I've now got a pretty decent understanding of how to get what I'm looking for (at least for the Sprint AIRAVE project). That's mostly thanks to the amazing tutorials available online; I'm really very grateful for all of the advice that people have posted. I'm able to trace circuits, and will hopefully find the jtag lines off this chip soon. Once I find those, soldering in the actual trace pins to attach a jtag emulator will be tricky. I might have to ask one of the technicians at work to do some quick "freelance" soldering work.

I'm also pretty amazed at a lot of the malware out there now. I started a debug session on some of the 0-day adobe stuff that's floating around the internet (you can check out Sep. 8th metasploit blog post for more info) and was pretty impressed with all of the guards and techniques the system uses. I actually wasn't able to get it to run at all. I tried the !hidedebug All_... commands, right after starting the process in ImmunityDebugger, but I must not understand it well enough. I'll have to read up more on that when I get some time. Otherwise, I'm stuck trying to decipher the asm.

Work has asked me to scope out the effort required to port Valgrind to the Octeon Cavium family of processors. I think it should be quite a bit of time, since there's a lot of architecture configuration going on. Perhaps not, though. I've gone through some of the other architectures already built into Valgrind (x86-linux, x64-linux, ppc-linux), so I think it's a lot of "grunt" work; oh well, better than not getting paid.

I'm pumped about this Tektronix unit though. I'll be playing with it some more later tonight. I'm brewing tomorrow, so I won't get very far on the AIRAVE decode, but.. meh. I'm not in a super huge rush.

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zodono said...

I have a sprint scs-26UC sitting on my desk right now in pieces, i have voided the warranty and found the console tx line, but i cant find the rx line anywhere, any insight you can offer into this device would be greatly appreciated