Wednesday, December 19, 2007

1 month later

My heap is done, mostly. I can do dynamic sized allocations, and have pooled allocations from specific buckets. Just set the config options, compile and voila! I'm gonna keep it underwraps for now, and probably either sell it as part of a platform package (doing BSP as a consultant) or release it open source if I can't do that.

I started work on an encryption suite. It's pretty cool, as right now I can generate a very large block based on a seed set of 7 4-byte integers. That gives a total of 224-bit encryption. Yeah, it isn't 256 bit, but I could expand it. The best part is that the seeds rotate, so changing one part of the seed will change the whole seed. I haven't proven that the resultant keys are unique, yet, but I'm working on it. Because they use 3 different psuedo-random sequences, I have to prove that each sequence will have unique values. The three sequences I'm using are Fibbonacci, Farey, and Look-And-Say. I'll have links to them later.

The settop box is working as well as I'd expect. I want to upgrade the capture card to an HD based card, but I haven't seen any good ones on the market yet that are supported by linux. I'll wait a few months for a driver to be written (don't have time or patience to write a driver). Once that happens, I'll upgrade to all HD. My parents already have it and it looks amazing.

As far as google goes, I didn't get it. Oh well, there's other ponds out there. The odd thing is, they contacted _me_ about a job, not the other way around. Usually you don't fill a position when you go out and contact someone, but most likely they had an amazing candidate.

As for sycamore, I'm writing the software architecture. I'm a little rusty on my writing of technical documents, so I'm expecting a few rounds of reviews (1/week) until the final review version is ready.

That's all for now.

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