Monday, November 19, 2007

PS, BS, and all manner of S

I'm a touch frustrated at the moment. It seems that most software architects at companies really feel like they have the only valid opinion. Since starting at Sycamore, I've felt exactly how I felt at Airvana: namely, like the corner-stool dunce of the class. No one listens to them; everyone feels as though they are inherently superior. I've found one person here who's taken the time to listen to my thoughts, and routinely comes to the same conclusion. But after seeing the way that architecture responds to his questions / concerns as well, I just get the feeling that he's in the same boat.

We have one consultant here who worked on the wireless technology for one vendor/operator pair. His word is taken as gospel. I've got the same amount of experience with wireless. My word is brushed off to the side. The consultant routinely has the same concerns and thoughts that I have. If I voice them, no response. If he voices, then there's dialog.

Honestly, if this keeps up, I may have a real reason to go to google besides "It's Google." Too much patent seeking (PS) and not enough real work. Too much (BS) from a lot of people that don't understand technology.

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