Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm swamped.

I recently was contacted by Google for an interview. Psyched about that, because Google is one of the few companies that seems like it'd be a fun place to work. I have mixed feelings about whether or not I'd go, since I just started here at Sycamore. I'll see how things pan out if they decide to throw an offer on the table.

In other news, I've been working on a few wildly scattered projects.

My first project is my tv-tuner box. Obviously, that has to wait until I've put a better software package together. I get the feeling that I won't find an all inclusive package, and that I'll have to build the system from scratch (not something to which I'm looking forward).

My second project is a derived object winking system to integrate with version control packages and makefiles. Basically, you'd modify your target generation such that the winker software package can detect if the version of a file you're building (and all its dependancies) are identical to a version that someone else in your wink-realm has built. If so, voila! You'll get their already built binary. Why do this? For software projects which are massive, having to rebuild everything is a pain. Especially when changes that you make aren't very big. Having to recompile everything is time consuming, and useless. This would make a tradeoff. You trade bandwidth for CPU cycles. Since people nowadays have more bandwidth available than CPU cycles, this should be a better tradeoff.

My third project is a tiny compiler. I've got a lexical parser working already, and some minor syntactic analysis going on. The purpose of this compiler is to teach me about compilers by building my own. I also may be able to modify it to support platforms for which no free compilers exist (I'm looking mostly at DSPs).

So that's my set of undertakings at the moment. A lot to digest, but hopefully, it'll all get done before the end of the year.

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