Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Brick in the wall

I've been playing with dynamic symbol loading. It's actually pretty cool! The gist is, you don't know what another developer will be doing, so you try and provide enough hooks so that they can get done what they need. However, if you give that person too much power, there's always the chance they will abuse it and then your users are left blaming you for some nefarious code someone else wrote.

The approach I'm taking is to have a bunch of places where the developer can hook, and give them copies of the actual data that I use internally. That way, I can run sanity checks before I decide to use that data myself. This gives me a bit of extra control, at the cost of some performance.

But, no system is bulletproof, and this approach still doesn't prevent someone from breaking things. Only makes it so that they probably have to be intentionally trying to break things instead of being able to claim that their buffer overflow which manages to get a remote shell up is a lucky accident.

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