Tuesday, July 28, 2009

u-Boot on a FriendlyARM

So, I recently ordered a FriendlyARM development kit, with jtag & cmos camera. It's a small handheld unit with touch-screen, usb, rj-45, and SD card reader. The goal is to build a portable diagnostics device for anything I could imagine.

It came pre-loaded with a 2.6.13 series kernel, Qtopia, and a few odds and ends worth of tools. As for the bootloader, it comes with vivi, which is a fairly lightweight flash loader. It used a different version of gcc to build each component, from vivi to qtopia to the kernel. Plus, it doesn't feel like I can "get under the hood" as easily with their versions of things.

So, first order of business was to get u-boot running in place of vivi.

The vivi image is located in both the nor and the nand flash on the board. I used the nor flash as a bootstrap to put uboot on the nand flash. To do this, I first did a git pull from a public repository for the mini2440, as well as getting a publicly compiled mini2440 unified toolchain (not from sourcery, or whatever it's called). I built the u-boot image, and ended up with a nand512 image, which I then copied to the nand memory area via xmodem (minicom is great). Set execution to that point, and then bam, flashed the nand with the uboot image (I got it again via tftp, but that was so that I could use uboot to update the bbt which is a bad-block table).

Now, I'm building a 2.6.31 series kernel (the latest) and will be building a custom system which includes the latest qtopia as well as metasploit, nmap(with a frontend), and a few other neat security tools. We'll see if I have enough space (64MB of flashable space is not much).

More updates later.

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