Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Git 'er done

I'm really really digging git. I've been able to pull tons of projects with little more than a single command line, and it just feels cleaner than cvs/svn. I'm certainly no Linus Torvalds fanboy, but when he has a need he writes a damn elegant solution.

As far as the mini2440 board is concerned, I'm in the process of writing some embedded apps for it. The first of which is a cheops-like tool. It'll be written using the GTK toolkit, but will be closed source. My plan for the device is to develop a suite of software for different models of device, and the first model will be for security testing / network analysis. My thought is that if I can put out a quality product, and charge 1/2 of what the competition would charge, I will be able to clean up. Even if I only sell a few hundred units, it'll be some spare cash for my daughter's college fund (yeah, never thought I'd write those words this young).

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. There are a lot of features I really need to have before the device will go anywhere. Plus, there are a lot of features that the features need. For instance, because the keypad display will end up being so small, the better approach to a 'keyboard' interface would be handwriting recognition. However, that's a pretty tough nut to crack on its own, and I'm not sure I have the gusto to get it done in such a small amount of time. Still, if I can get a prototype done by December, and still meet my deadlines at work (meaning there ain't no rest for the weary... not that a screaming 1 month old would let me sleep anyway). We'll see how that goes.

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